My Fellow Youth

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the Trinidad Youth Council. A Council that is all inclusive that seeks represent and advocate for all youth organizations and young persons in Trinidad, providing opportunities for the advancement for all youth across every social stratum within our society. An independent national body that appeals to and attracts all young persons, united by our shared vision.

Whereby we appeal to all young persons and when someone calls the Trinidad Youth Council, thousands of young people across the island would answer. Affording young people, a networking space that allows them to achieve their fullest potential.

We aim to provide you with a platform for those who a still seek out an avenue to have their voice be recorded and therein after their situation resolved. This would allow for granting young people with opportunities that are life changing. Through the Youth Policy of 2020-2025 and the Education Policy of 2016, we welcome you to your council which comprises the perspectives, issues, and relevant solutions from the youth of Trinidad.

I encourage you to get involved, let your voice be heard and tell a friend about what this council seeks to do for YOUth.

Shane John


About Shane

Raise Your Voice!

In order to have more inclusive representation, we need to hear from you. Tell us about the issues you think we should address. Express some of your concerns to us. Share your opinions. We at the Trinidad Youth Council are ready to raise our voices on your behalf.

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