Mr. Aleem Mohammed - Executive Treasurer

Aleem Mohammed holds the post of Executive Treasurer of the Trinidad Youth Council. He is currently pursuing a BSc. degree in Actuarial Science at the St. Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Mr. Mohammed has had heavy involvement with several youth-centric associations from a young age. He was quite active in the Big Brother Program of his alma mater, Naparima College. During the summer periods of 2017 and 2018, he volunteered as a tutor in the Sixth Form Association of Services (SFAS), a non-profitable, non-governmental, charitable organization that offers free tutoring classes at both the primary and secondary school levels.

In 2019, Mr. Mohammed served as the Vice President of the Trinidad and Tobago Students’ Association (TTSA) where he assisted in providing a nexus of nationwide youth who held varied professional goals and academic interests. Mr. Mohammed spearheaded many study nights with the goal of assisting students at the UWI to remain focused as they prepared for their final examinations.

His inspiration to work with young people stems from his passion for initiating meaningful change, educational reform, and youth empowerment and development. He firmly believes that education is the ultimate equalizer, which is crucial for the improvement of society. Mr. Mohammed intends to enter the education sector where he can impart knowledge across the fields of actuarial science, finance, and economics, thereby making valuable contributions to the youth of Trinidad and Tobago.

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